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Shimano SM-SH45 SPD SL Cleat Cover


The Shimano SPD-SL Cleat Covers fit all SPD-SL cleats for wear protection. During walking with cycling shoes they protect cleats and increase the underfoot comfort.


Look Cleat Kéo Cleat - Black (0°)


The MADE by LOOK KEO standard is recognized in the cycling world for its minimal weight and compact design of the cleat and pedal combo. Of course compatible with all pedals on the market, their memory positioner is a major advantage when changing your cleats. Their principle and use are the same as the DELTA cleat standard; engagement and disengagement remain efficient and reassuring. Three float options available with corresponding colors.


Look Cleat Kéo Grip - Red (9°)


The KEO GRIP pedals closely resemble the KEO CLEAT model, yet they boast the added feature of a TPU layer on the shoe side which prevents the risk of cleats sliding on carbon soles. Their anti-slip surface on the pedal side offers extra safety and stability when walking. Available in 0°, 4.5° and 9° float options, with corresponding colours.


Look Kéo Classic 3 Clipless Road Pedals


Discover the world of clipless pedals with the KEO CLASSIC 3. With easily adjustable tension, clipping in and out becomes child's play. As soon as you have got the hang of it during your first rides, you will be able to increase the tension to fully appreciate the pedal and all its advantages.


Bontrager Comp Road Pedal Set


A durable road pedal that is compatible with Look Cycle’s KÉO® brand cleats with adjustable release tension and a clean black finish.


Bontrager Comp MTB Pedal Set


A durable, dual-sided, SPD-compatible MTB pedal with fully adjustable release tension.


Bontrager Elite Road Pedal Set


A lightweight and durable road pedal with adjustable release tension and a composite body compatible with Look Cycle’s KÉO® brand cleats.