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SKS Bluemels Shiny 28″53 Black Set


Mudguard set made of a robust sandwich design A brilliant performance! The SKS BLUEMELS SHINY mudguard set looks not only shiny but also reliably protects against dirt and spray water. The mudguards are extremely robust, rigid, and corrosion-resistant due to the flexible sandwich construction, in which ultrafine aluminum strips are embedded in a plastic coating.

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Excellent protection thanks to the close-to-tire mounting

Whether on dirt roads or forest tracks, the BLUEMELS SHINY mudguards offer excellent all-round protection due to their close-to-tire mounting. The ASR safety system uncouples the stays should branches become trapped between the spokes, so that the wheel is unable to jam. Includes a stays kit, stainless steel fixed bridge, and mounting material.

• Sandwich design made from aluminum/plastic
• Robust, rigid, and corrosion-resistant
• With an ASR safety system
• Stainless steel fixed bridge
• Made in Germany