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Road Runner Scooter


Safety First - En 71 for Safety Certified to make the riding time safest for your child Design - Eye-catching design with fluorescent colors and easy to learn model. PU Wheels - PU Wheels for a smooth ride. Scooter can be used indoors too as it will not leave any mark due to high quality PU Wheels. 2 Big front wheels and one small rear LED wheel which is bright enough to see during the day time. The faster you go light becomes more prominent. Bearings - ABEC 7 Bearing for ultra smooth and fast experience. Adjustable Handle Bar - Adjustable T Bar up to 3 adjustable heights for children of ages 3-7 Years. Easy to use - Lightweight design offers better control and is really easy to learn by children. Brake - Rear wheel foot brake to stop the scooter quickly, and it will also prevent muddy water from splattering on your kids legs from Design - Attractive florescent colored scooter to let your child ride in style Wide deck - 3-Wheel scooter features streamlined new deck which is sturdy enough and provides enough space to ride the scooter with ease.

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