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R For Rabbit Road Runner Scooter


Safety First - It can be used by children of 3-15 years & has weight capacity till 100 Kgs of the Deck. Its so strong and safe that even Parents can ride Innovative Design with Intelligent Turning - Eye catching design with florescent colors and easy to learn model. Its unique design allows little one to start riding it without even learning how to balance, which makes it safe for little one around 3 yrs. Child can control the turning and balance easily by physical inclination Smooth and Fast Ride Advanced Bearing for Fast Ride and Ultra Smooth Experience while riding Wide deck - 2 Wheel scooter features streamlined new deck which is sturdy enough with weight capacity of 100 kgs and provides enough space to ride the scooter with ease Adjustable T Bar and Brake: The kick scooter features an easy to access rear brake, when pressed brings the scooter to a speedy secure stop. Large aluminium reinforced brake pedal is easy to use for quick and firm braking

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