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R for Rabbit - Ringa Ringa Baby Walker


Ringa Ringa – The Anti Fall and Safe Rocking Baby Walker “First steps of baby” the moment of utter happiness isn’t that true. It’s the transition phase now for the baby and for parents to make the baby walk on his feet. R for Rabbit brings you Ringa Ringa Baby Walker to let your child enjoy the transition phase of walking on his own. Its colorful attractive look with topmost safety features makes it a perfect match for your baby.

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Key Features:

Safety First - EN 71 certified walker which is the most stringent certification defined by European standards for walkers for the safety of your baby. Be it the color, design, or mechanical strength all are measured and certified to be the best for your baby.



Welcome to Fold – Designed to fold easily when not in use, covers a little amount of room space, and can be taken in a small bag when you are traveling.



Brake Pads - R for Rabbit Walker comes with Brake Pads to make sure that children don’t fall down from Stairs or uneven surfaces while learning to walk. With its strong Brake pads, we make sure that your little one is always safe and never fall



Rocking Function - Designed to turn into rocker and give your little one a new experience while learning walking. Rocking function is most enjoyed by babies with toys and music with it.



Height Adjustable - 3 step height adjustable walker to adjust as per the height of your baby.



Cushioned Seat - Cushioned seat to give your little one the most comfortable experience while playing in walker.



Removable/Attractive Toy Tray – Multi music tray to let your little one be engaged and enjoy the learning process of walking.



Wheels - Comes with small wheels which rotates 360 degree to give best support to your baby while playing in Walker