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R for Rabbit - Ding Dong Plus Potty Seat


Potty training is a tough task for kids, isn’t it? R for Rabbit brings to you Ding Dong Plus - 4 in 1 Potty Training Seat for kids. Ding Dong Plus Potty seat for kids is an adorable cute potty seat for 18+ month kids, loaded with lots of features like easy to clean, comfortable cushioned seat, step stool, easy storage, and a lot more. It’s very compact and can be stored in any corner of the bathroom/room. Ding Dong Plus can be used in 4 different ways like a high step stool, low step stool, stand-alone potty seat & attachable toilet seat. So make your kid’s potty time absolute fun with Ding Dong Plus.

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Safety Features: Designed with smooth curved edges to make potty time safe. 

4 in 1: Use Ding Dong Potty seat as a high step stool, low step stool, stand-alone potty seat & attachable toilet seat

Comfortable seat: Cutely designed cushion seat to give total comfort to the child during potty time.

Easy to clean: Detachable bowl for easy cleaning after the job is done

Handles To Carry: Handles for kids to let children balance over a potty seat.  Parents can also hold handles to pick up the seat while cleaning. 

Cute Back support:  Back support to let child with cute faces to let a child have support during the potty seat. 

Lightweight & Portable: Ding Dong Plus is very light in weight, easy to carry when traveling, and can be stored conveniently after usage



Product Dimensions:  41cms x 39cms x 26cms

Product Weight: 1.4kgs

Package Dimensions: 37.46cms x 28.2cms x 39cms

Package Weight: 2.1kgs

Material: High-Quality PP Material

Weight Capacity: Up to 20kgs

Age Group: 18m+