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Magicshine Seeme 30 TL Rechargeable Rear Light


One of Magicshine’s 2020 new offerings and a new addition to the Seemee series. The Seemee 30 bike tail light is designed as a very small, lightweight and highly visible rear safety light for urban and road cyclists. The new strap light design offers a more uniform, even beam, spreading over 230 degrees behind the rider with excellent side visibility. On the highest setting, the bike tail light can be seen from up to half a mile away. The Seemee 30 offers 1 constant mode with 30, 15 and 7 lumens output at high, mid and low settings respectively. 3 flash settings depending on user preference. In addition to previous Magicshine tail light models Seemee 20 and Seemee 60. The Seemee 30 bike tail light offers a few more powerful features to maximize user convenience and ease of use. Built-in infrared sensor detects surrounding ambient light and adjusts the output automatically to either day or night mode. Based on user feedback, a low power mode has been added. When the remaining battery capacity drops to 5%, a special flash mode is triggered and lasts 20 minutes, offering ample warning to the rider. This Magicshine tail light is also IPX6 weatherproof and USB rechargeable.

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