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Gist Pack Sunglasses - Black - Photocromatic


Originality and style are combined with solid and refined materials for eyewear with a minimal e ect, reinventing the concept of contemporary style. The large and comfortable wraparound lens combined with an ultra-light frame make Pack eyewear with a covering design

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Glasses with a top-class weight, 25g, thanks to the extended mask in a single raw cut polycarbonate shell with 100% protection from UVA, UVB and UV rays.

The ultra-light frame has a semi-open aerodynamic shape to facilitate the ventilation of the lens and limit the formation of condensation. The non-slip rubber details on the temples and on the nib make PACK extremely comfortable even after hours of continuous use.

The PHOTOCHROMIC system allows the lenses, exposed to UV radiation or sunlight, to initiate a reversible chemical reaction that leads to a gradual darkening, to return to the initial state of transparency when the irradiation of light or UV rays disappears.