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Dash Star Road Runner Foldable Heavy Two Wheel Stylish Kids Scooter With Rear Break - Orange


Safety first - It can be used by children of 3 years & has weight capacity 40 kg of the Deck . Innovative design - Eye catching design with attractive colours and easy to learn model. Its unique design allows little one to start riding it without even learning how to balance, which makes it safe for little one around 5 yrs. Easy to ride - Lean-to-Steer technology and lightweight design offers better control turning and keep balance easily by your physical incline. PU wheels - Dual Rear PU Wheels makes the kick scooter a perfect smooth ride. Scooter can also be used indoors too as it will not leave any mark on the tiles. Adjustable & sturdy - The kick scooter designs with adjustable handlebar, which means that you can adjust T-bar with 3 adjustable height options to accommodate ages 3 to 14 Years, suitable for 33" to 60" height child. Fold-able stand & rear brake - Now parking a scooter is simple and easier Foot Brake - Scooter can be easily stopped at one place by pressing the break present at the feet position

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